About Us

Who We Are

We have been a private, family-owned business since the 1990s. Yet somehow we did not exist on the Internet until late 2010!

Aww Cute Nation is operated under the hard works of a loving wife and a mother of three, Diem Ngoc Nguyen. Diem was born and lived in the country side of Vietnam, where the golden rice fields stretch far across the horizon and the morning fresh air is as still, peaceful and calm as the rising sun. It was then she learned the first sewing lessions from no one other than her own grandmother, who has worked from nothing to owning several clothing manufacturing shops 1975.

A little more than ten years later, Diem first began her career as a cosmetology technician in Washington D.C, but later decided her passion for children’s apparel design was more important to pursuit; besides it’s been a tradition in the family for generations. And as the mother of her children, just like many moms out there, she loves to do occasional “dress ups” for the little ones, simply to catch those beautiful childhood moments that are passing by a bit too quickly in time.

Kids are always growing up so fast.

From the first handmade knitted tiny socks in many tough nights of the last trimester to the first sun hat idea on the family beach vacation, Diem shares the same loving presents to many other locals and friends in the Rockville community, as one mother to another. Soon later, with much encouragement from friends and family, Diem opened her first official e-commerce website welcoming both local Maryland residents and thousands of online U.S shoppers. The expansion has allowed Diem to get more members on her team in the U.S as well as rebuilding her grandmother’s warehouse in Vietnam to its prime condition once again.

Aww Cute Nation online store now delivers a variety of home-made beanies, hats, headbands and many more adorable apparels for your baby; Oh no worries, we got the good stuffs for the little ladies and gents, too! Products are made with the highest quality cotton, child-safe materials and shipped directly from our family-owned warehouse in Vietnam to the U.S location, a subsidiary of Custom PC Guide.net LLC. We strike to minimize wait time for the customers as little as possible.

As the staffs of this wonderful shop, we promise to deliver the greastest offers at the best price to you without compromising the quality nor the intergrity of the products. That has helped us grow beyond the industry standards which was set by our respectable competitors in the children clothing market.

We’re so thankful for the opportunity to be part of you and your children’s day. We hope your family have the best of memories to come, these moments are really what makes life happens!